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Founded in 2013, the pianistic duo Roxana Cîrciu & Andrei Gologan was created in the context of individual studies at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. Attracted by the common desire to explore the universe of the repertoire for the duo, Roxana and Andrei participated in the chamber music lessons of the pianist Imre Rohamnn, thus studying a vast repertoire. At the core of this repertoire is the music of Mozart, Schubert, Dvorak, Debussy and Ravel.

The duo Roxana Cîrciu & Andrei Gologan have a rich concert experience. Shortly after the duo was founded, Roxana and Andrei are invited to perform in front of over 180 diplomats and members of the United Nations at the UN-Lions Day conference, an event held in the Wappensaal hall of the Wiener Rathaus complex. Later, the piano duo will perform in prestigious locations such as Alban Berg-Saal of the Stift Ossiach monastic ensemble, the Bösendorfersaal of the Mozart Museum in Vienna or the Arenberg Castle in Salzburg.


The summers of 2017 and 2018 found Roxana and Andrei in the unique position of organizers of the Salzburger Mozart Matineen festival. The main objective of the festival was to present exceptional musicians, actors and visual artists, thus combining the various modes of expression in a harmonious interdisciplinary framework. The two editions presented a total of 22 concerts.

In addition to the concert activity, Roxana and Andrei are interested in the educational aspect of music and dedicate some of their time to inspire future generations of musicians and music lovers. One of their favorite projects was the organization of a concert dedicated to children of all ages at the Salzburger Mozart Matineen festival. During this event, Roxana and Andrei collaborated with the Austrian actor Raphael Steiner, combining the repertoire for the piano duo and the fantastic fairy literature.

Roxana Cîrciu and Andrei Gologan, partners in daily life, currently live in Salzburg, where they enjoy the unmatched cultural atmosphere.


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